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Dota 2 & Co. fights now on FlashScore.com!

Are you familiar with the names like Dota 2, League of Legends or StarCraft 2? If you are, you may be one of those who play these games. Or perhaps you just like to watch the world's best players play them. Or maybe you bet on those players. In any case, good news everyone: starting this week, you will find the biggest eSports tournaments on FlashScore.com!



FlashScore.com Presents: My Games Notifications

The simpler, the better. If you’re waiting for your team to score, FlashScore.com won’t let you miss that goal. Stay in touch with all your important matches through our new notifications!



New sport alert: Cycling is now live on FlashScore.com!

Let's start with a quick trivia question: can you name last year's winners of Giro d'Italia, Tour de France and Vuelta? If your answers were Quintana, Nibali and Contador respectively, you can consider yourself a true cycling fan. But even if you can't, you will probably appreciate that FlashScore.com is now officially becoming a cycling-friendly website!



Now it's personal: FlashScore.com introduces player statistics!

Fast and reliable live scores from over 30 sports? Check. A lot of important additional info, like match statistics, tables, line-ups, and live commentary? Check. Even more detailed info about players and their career statistics? Wait for it... CHECK!



FlashScore.com proudly presents: Searching, rankings, and some other news

As you may have noticed, FlashScore.com has introduced some great features over the past few weeks. We would now like to officially present them in this new edition of our occasional “what’s new” round-up.



August football fever: Big leagues kick off new season

If you have been in hibernation since the final whistle of the World Cup final, it’s about time to wake up. The football drought is going to be officially over this weekend, when Manchester United and Swansea kick off the new Premier League season, and other big European leagues will follow soon!



New sports on FlashScore.com

If you love watching teams or players score goals, points or runs, then FlashScore.com is probably one of your favourite websites. This is what we have been providing to our users for many years, but in recent months, FlashScore.com has improved its services significantly and now offers two new sports, in which you won't see a single goal...



Don't miss a World Cup match with our mobile app!

If you're a football fan, the last few weeks must have been almost unbearable for you. After four years of waiting, the 20th World Cup is about to finally start this week. Isn't this the best time to download our mobile app, which will help you stay in touch with the Brazilian football feast wherever you go?



Commentary on yet another big league: Bundesliga goes live this weekend

Do you like the Bundesliga, which is considered one of the top four leagues in Europe? If you do, then we have some very good news for you: starting this weekend, you will find a live commentary of every single match in the Bundesliga on FlashScore.com.



Register and set your favourite leagues!

Your wish came true. You will now see scores from your favourite leagues on top of the scoreboard and you can also order games by start time. Create an account on FlashScore.com and start exploring the new features now.



Basketball is already the 6th sport with Live Centre

Since the start of the new season, FlashScore.com has brought you detailed statistics of all NBA matches. Besides this, we have also extended our coverage in other sports.



Explore the backstage of FlashScore.com

We have added 10 new sports and hundreds of new competitions to our coverage during the last year. We have also extended our stats data and made scores significantly faster. Wondering how we can do all of that? Read on and we’ll tell you.



Olympic Games on FlashScore

You will find results from 9 Olympic sports on FlashScore, and you can follow them on a single page thanks to the “My Games” feature.



Tennis match history point by point

Wimbledon is a classic tennis feast. We have launched a new feature to enable you to enjoy the tournament even more. In match details, you will find a history of all games and points in order of how they were won.



H2H: Head-to-head matches and most recent results comparison

A lot of you were writing to tell us that you wanted to see head-to-head match history on FlashScore.com… and we have listened to you! In the new H2H tab in match details you can now find the latest results of both opponents, and a summary of their previous meetings, too.



Standings and draws are always at hand

You might only visit FlashScore.com to check the latest sport scores, but we can also provide you with detailed standings of more than five hundred competitions, which are always updated within a minute after the end of a match.



Follow only selected matches

Do you hate scrolling? Would you like to see all the matches you choose for betting on a single page? If you do not know about My Games yet, it is time to show you this feature.