The new era of Flashscore is here
Have a look at the summary of significant changes, and read about the reasons why we have decided to take this step forward.
Years of history.
Years of changes.
Flashscore has been with you for over 15 years. A lot has changed since we started. The world of sports has changed. The world of technology has changed - maybe even more, and Flashscore has been changing with them. We had to adjust to keep bringing you everything you love.
Now the time has come to take a big, and important, step: visual changes to both our website and mobile app. A change that will allow us to display the huge amount of our live results, stats, and other data clearly on all devices. A change that also meets the requirements for speed and good usability.
Key changes
If you have been using Flashscore for some time, you will probably notice our new logo as soon as you see it. It's way more distinctive than the original one - and yet, it comes from its principles. However, it's not the only major change.
Our new font features large counters and generous spacing, which significantly improves readability. We combine it with new tailor-made digits whose shapes are inspired by old-time scoreboards at stadiums. They will be yet another part of the new Flashscore design.
Flashscore's key colour has always been red. The live score of the match is in red. "Big Chance" indication? The "GOAL" message? Also red - the colour of emotions and thrill, which is something we all love about sport. We now combine a unique shade of red with white, and so-called slate black. This combination is characteristic of the new Flashscore.
Our new icons should be the perfect guide for you as they depict of essence of respective sports. Like the new digits, they are inspired by old scoreboards that have been present in stadiums for decades.
Why has Flashscore changed

To simplify the colour usage

A long time ago, Flashscore only covered 6 sports. Soccer has always been the most dominant, so many people still have Flashscore associated with the colour green. Other top sports - such as tennis, basketball, or hockey - have also been distinguishable by their respective colours.

Today, we cover nearly 40 sports, so it no longer makes sense to distinguish them by different colours - and we also ran out of them, to be honest. For this reason, sports are now being distinguished by noticeable icons.


To unite our app and website

The Flashscore website and the Flashscore app belong together. They always have. You know it well if you have an account with Flashscore - and, thus, you keep your favourite teams and matches in sync across all devices.

For us, it is also vital that the website and app belong together at a glance. Now, they finally do.

New website and app
What's new in the app

Flashscore's new look is easily noticeable, but there are more improvements worth mentioning. Which of them are the most important?

New calendar
You can now switch between match days way more quickly!
app screenshot with calendar
Easier sport selection
Tap on the current sport name at the top and select another one. It can't be any simpler.
app screenshot with sport

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Questions and answers
Do you have questions regarding the new Flashscore that haven't been answered yet? Maybe you will find the answer here!