FlashScore PLUS - Android APK app


How to install the full Android app

Since Google Play doesn't allow some important functions of our app, we give you the option to download the full version FlashScore PLUS which includes odds overview and comparisons of online bookmakers. Installing the app is a piece of cake and will take you just a moment.

1. Adjust the phone's setup

Go to "Settings"
Find "Security"
Permit "Unknown sources"

Is it safe? Yes! The app was developed by FlashScore.com and it is placed and administered on our own servers. Hence we guarantee the app does not contain any piece of code or anything that could harm your device or compromise your personal data.

2. Download the app

Go to
t.flashscore.com/android/flashscore-com.apk in the browser on your smartphone.

Or simply scan this QR code with your smartphone.

The app will download automatically.

If the usual warning about possible device damage appears, confirm "OK" - we guarantee that our app will definitely not harm your device.

3. Install the app

You'll find the downloaded app in "Notifications" or in the "Download" folder. Click on it, choose "Install" and confirm.

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