FIFA 23: Details as final title of iconic franchise released by EA Sports

FIFA 23: Details as final title of iconic franchise released by EA Sports
FIFA 23: Details as final title of iconic franchise released by EA Sports
FIFA 23: Details as final title of iconic franchise released by EA Sports
The release of FIFA 23 was made official on Friday, September 30th, allowing football fans to get their hands on the latest, and last edition of the globally popular EA Sports franchise.

This season's title has brought a slightly different dimension to it, in that it is the final year that FIFA will have any official association with the franchise. 

Developers EA revealed in May that they would be ending their long-standing partnership with football's governing body, with the game series set to be renamed EA Sports FC in future.

But that has not detracted from developments being made and a number of new features being added to the game. 

In celebration of kick-off, Flashscore News looks at some of the cool bits EA have managed to implement in their last FIFA hurrah. 

Gameplay improvements

As with all new FIFA games, EA has sought to make improvements to the overall gameplay experience.

A new skill-based power shot has been added which focuses on pure velocity but at the expense of accuracy and at a higher rate of precision. 

The set piece system including free-kicks and corners has been reworked, with players able to have more control about how they want the ball to move in the air once hit. 

New chemistry system

The traditional chemistry system in Ultimate Team has been reimagined in a way that has opened the door for players to really create their 'ultimate team'. 

While the standard team, league and country connections still need to be adhered to, moving away from those doesn't massively penalise anymore. 

The overall chemistry metre has dropped from 100 to 33, with more of a focus now on improving the chemistry of individual players over the whole team.

While it may be better to use players that fit together better, those that may not necessarily fit will not have their attributes impacted like in previous versions. 

Women's teams

Women's national teams have been in FIFA for a while but EA has sought to extend that coverage further to club football in FIFA 23. 

Clubs from the FA Women's Super League in England and France's Division 1 Feminine make their debuts in the latest edition, giving players more variety in terms of gameplay.

The expansion means there are as many as 24 teams to choose from, which is on top of the 18 international sides. 

Ted Lasso and AFC Richmond

EA likes to keep on top of pop culture and trends when launching a new FIFA edition, but they've gone one step further this year with the inclusion of AFC Richmond and the infamous Ted Lasso in the game.

From the popular Apple TV+ series, the collaboration sees the coach, team, and fan-favourite characters such as Dani Rojas appear across game modes including Ultimate Team and Career Mode. 

Lasso is a playable manager in the latter, while real teams can have their spots taken and replaced by AFC Richmond.