Revealed: The 10 most streamed FIFA songs of all time

Revealed: The 10 most streamed FIFA songs of all time
FIFA is one of the best-selling gaming franchises in the world
FIFA is one of the best-selling gaming franchises in the world
The 10 most streamed FIFA songs of all time have been revealed with a host of iconic tunes used across the game's editions making the list.

FIFA has cemented its place as one of the best-selling sporting games franchises, becoming the title that gamers and football fans have tended to side with. 

While developers EA Sports have constantly focused on improving the playability in-game, they have also always had an eye for creating an enjoyable off-pitch experience with their soundtracks. 

FIFA's song lists over the years have often garnered plenty of popularity with players, with music ranging from up-and-coming anthems to more classic hits. 

Ahead of the release of FIFA 23 at the end of September, gaming site has analysed data from Spotify to discover the number of streams every song featured on the game has had. 

The analysis has combed through songs dating all the way from their use on FIFA: World Cup '98 to the current edition of FIFA 22. 

Vance Joy's Mess is Mine kicked off the top 10 having been streamed a total of 395,291,133 times. 

Rosalia and Ozuna's 2020 reggaeton hit Yo x Ti, Tu x Mi has snagged ninth place, while John Newman's popular song Love Me Again has taken eighth. 

One of the most iconic tunes in the game's history, Blur's 1998 hit Song 2, is the oldest on the list but was only good enough for seventh place having mustered up 560,576,371 streams. 

The 2009 song Kids by MGM has taken a place in sixth with Kaleo's Way Down We Go grabbing the fifth spot. 

The popular On Top of the World by Imagine Dragons has done enough to earn fourth place on the list, amassing 683,964,847 streams almost a decade on since its release. 

Third has been claimed by the trendy and ever-growing Billie Eilish, with her 2019 hit You Should See Me In A Crown clocking up 692,812,784 streams on Spotify.

Into the top two, and these songs share a characteristic in that they are the only ones on the list to have broken the one billion barrier in terms of streams. 

One of those is The Nights by the late Avicii, which has been streamed 1,163,964,283 times to earn the runner-up spot.

Topping the pile and running away with the crown with a mammoth 1,946,964,717 streams is Heat Waves by Glass Animals from 2021. 

Most streamed FIFA songs of all time: 

10. Vance Joy - Mess Is Mine (2015) - 395,291,133

9. Rosalia & Ozuna - Yo x Ti, Tu x Mi (2020) - 465,460,354

8. John Newman - Love Me Again (2014) - 494,064,676

7. Blur - Song 2 (1998) - 560,576,371

6. MGMT - Kids (2009) - 599,007,927

5. Kaleo - Way Down We Go (2016) - 643,561,438

4. Imagine Dragons - On Top of the World (2013) - 683,964,847

3. Billie Eilish - you should see me in a crown (2019) - 692,812,784

2. Avicii - The Nights (2015) - 1,163,964,283

1. Glass Animals - Heat Waves (2021) - 1,946,964,717