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Football Azerbaijan Azizov Z.

Zija Azizov (Nijmegen)
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  • Last Matches
15.02.19 EER G.A. Eagles Nijmegen 4 : 4 not in the squad
08.02.19 EER Cambuur Nijmegen 1 : 1 not in the squad
01.02.19 EER Nijmegen Jong Utrecht 4 : 1 not in the squad
25.01.19 EER Oss Nijmegen 1 : 1 not in the squad
18.01.19 EER Nijmegen Telstar 1 : 1 not in the squad
13.01.19 EER Eindhoven FC Nijmegen 3 : 2 not in the squad
21.12.18 EER Twente Nijmegen 2 : 0 not in the squad
14.12.18 EER Nijmegen Maastricht 0 : 1 not in the squad
07.12.18 EER Den Bosch Nijmegen 3 : 2 not in the squad
30.11.18 EER Nijmegen FC Volendam 5 : 1 not in the squad
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  • Transfers
Date From To Type
29.08.2018 Brabant Utd Nijmegen Free agent
01.07.2014 Den Bosch Brabant Utd Free agent
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