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Noah Fadiga (Club Brugge KV)
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  • Last Matches
19.05.19 JL Club Brugge KV Antwerp 3 : 2 not in the squad
16.05.19 JL St. Liege Club Brugge KV 2 : 0 not in the squad
12.05.19 JL Club Brugge KV Genk 3 : 2 not in the squad
05.05.19 JL Gent Club Brugge KV 0 : 1 not in the squad
28.04.19 JL Club Brugge KV Anderlecht 1 : 0 not in the squad
22.04.19 JL Antwerp Club Brugge KV 0 : 0 not in the squad
14.04.19 JL Genk Club Brugge KV 3 : 1 not in the squad
08.04.19 JL Club Brugge KV St. Liege 4 : 0 not in the squad
04.04.19 JL Anderlecht Club Brugge KV 2 : 3 not in the squad
31.03.19 JL Club Brugge KV Gent 3 : 0 not in the squad
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