Jan Kozel - Czech Republic / Jirny


Football Czech Republic Kozel J.

Jan Kozel (Jirny)
Czech Republic
Age: ()
  • Last Matches
14.04.19 1L Jablonec Dukla Prague 2 : 1 not in the squad
06.04.19 1L Dukla Prague Slavia Prague 1 : 5 not in the squad
30.03.19 1L Opava Dukla Prague 2 : 0 not in the squad
15.03.19 1L Dukla Prague Karvina 2 : 1 not in the squad
09.03.19 1L Zlin Dukla Prague 2 : 1 not in the squad
02.03.19 1L Dukla Prague Sigma Olomouc 0 : 4 not in the squad
22.02.19 1L Liberec Dukla Prague 2 : 0 not in the squad
18.02.19 1L Dukla Prague Sparta Prague 2 : 3 not in the squad
08.02.19 1L Dukla Prague Ostrava 1 : 1 not in the squad
02.02.19 CF Dukla Prague Bohemians 1905 2 : 1 not in the squad
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  • Career
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