AFCON: Matches, fixtures, group, dates and everything you need to know about fixtures and dates

2023 Africa Cup of Nations: Everything you need to know about fixtures and dates
Senegal won their first AFCON title last year in Cameroon
Senegal won their first AFCON title last year in Cameroon
The 34th edition of the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) takes place across January and February in Ivory Coast. Here's everything you need to know about who's playing who and when in a group-by-group guide.

Senegal won their first AFCON title last year in Cameroon and they return for the 2023 edition of the tournament along with hosts Ivory Coast and 22 other nations. Below are all the groups and fixtures for the tournament starting on January 13th. The final will be played on February 11th.

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The biggest names missing from AFCON

Group A

Participants: Nigeria (three titles), Equatorial Guinea, Ivory Coast (two titles), Guinea Bissau

AFCON Group A standings


January 13th

Ivory Coast 2 Guinea Bissau 0

January 14th

Nigeria 1 Equatorial Guinea 1

January 18th 

Equatorial Guinea 4 Guinea Bissau 2

Ivory Coast 0 Nigeria 1

January 22nd

Equatorial Guinea 4 Ivory Coast 0

Guinea Bissau 0 Nigeria 1

Group B

Participants: Ghana (four titles), Cape Verde, Mozambique, Egypt (seven titles)

AFCON Group B standings


January 14th

Egypt 2 Mozambique 2

Ghana 1 Cape Verde 2

January 18th

Egypt 2 Ghana 2

January 19th

Cape Verde 3 Mozambique 0

January 22nd

Mozambique 2 Ghana 2

Cape Verde 2 Egypt 2

Group C

Participants: Senegal (one title), Cameroon (five titles), Gambia, Guinea

AFCON Group C standings


January 15th

Senegal 3 Gambia 0

Cameroon 1 Guinea 1

January 19th

Senegal 3 Cameroon 1

Guinea 1 Gambia 0

January 23rd

Guinea 0 Senegal 2

Gambia 2 Cameroon 3

Group D

Participants: Algeria (two titles), Mauritania, Burkina Faso, Angola

AFCON Group D standings


January 15th

Algeria 1 Angola 1

January 16th

Burkina Faso 1 Mauritania 0

January 20th

Algeria 2 Burkina Faso 2

Mauritania 2 Angola 3

January 23rd

Angola 2 Burkina Faso 0

Mauritania 1 Algeria 0

Group E

Participants: Namibia, South Africa (one title), Tunisia (one title), Mali

AFCON Group E standings


January 16th

Tunisia 0 Namibia 1

Mali 2 South Africa 0

January 20th

Tunisia 1 Mali 1

January 21st

South Africa 4 Namibia 0

January 24th

South Africa 0 Tunisia 0

Namibia 0 Mali 0

Group F

Participants: Morocco (one title), Tanzania, D.R. Congo (two titles), Zambia (one title)

AFCON Group F standings


January 17th

Morocco 3 Tanzania 0

D.R. Congo 1 Zambia 1

January 21st

Morocco 1 D.R. Congo 1

Zambia 1 Tanzania 1

January 24th

Tanzania 0 D.R. Congo 0

Zambia 0 Morocco 1

Knockout stages

The group winners, runners-up and the four best third-placed teams progress to the round of 16 which is followed by quarter-finals, semi-finals and the final.

Round of 16

January 27th

Angola 3 Namibia 0 

Nigeria 2 Cameroon 0

January 28th

Equatorial Guinea 0 Guinea 1

Egypt 1 D.R. Congo 1 (D.R. Congo advanced on penalties)

January 29th

Cape Verde 1 Mauritania 0

Senegal 1 Ivory Coast 1 (Ivory Coast advanced on penalties)

January 30th

Mali 2 Burkina Faso 1 

Morocco 0 South Africa 2


February 2nd

Nigeria 1 Angola 0

D.R. Congo 3 Guinea 1

February 3rd

Mali 1 Ivory Coast 2

Cape Verde 0 South Africa 0 (South Africa advanced on penalties)


February 7th

Nigeria 1 South Africa 1 (Nigeria advanced on penalties)

Ivory Coast 1 D.R. Congo 0


February 10th

South Africa 0 D.R. Congo 0 (South Africa won on penalties)

February 11th

Nigeria 1 Ivory Coast 2

Where to watch AFCON 2023

The following broadcasters will be showing the tournament. You can also listen to select matches (up to eight per round) via Flashscore's audio commentary:

Algeria: ENTV    

Austria: Sportdigital

Belgium: RTBF

Benin: ORTB    

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Sport Klub    

Brazil: Band

Burkina Faso: RTB    

Cameroon: CRTV, Canal 2

Chad: Télé Tchad

Croatia: Sport Klub    

Democratic Republic of Congo: RTNC

Denmark: Viaplay

Egypt: OnTime Sports    

Finland: Viaplay    

France: beIN Sports    

Gabon: Gabon TV

Gambia: GRTS

Germany: Sportdigital

Ghana: GBC

Guinea: RTG

Guinea Bissau: TGB

Iceland: Viaplay    

India: FanCode   

Ivory Coast: RTI, NCI

Kenya: KBC

Liechtenstein: Sportdigital

Luxembourg: Sportdigital

Mali: ORTM

MENA: beIN Sports    

Montenegro: Sport Klub    

Morocco: SNRT

Netherlands: Ziggo Sport

Niger: Tele Sahel

North Macedonia: Sport Klub

Norway: Viaplay

Portugal: Sport TV    

Senegal: RTS

Serbia: Sport Klub    

Slovenia: Sport Klub    

South Africa: SABC Sport

Sub-Saharan Africa: New World TV, Canal+, StarTimes    

Switzerland: Sportdigital

Sweden: Viaplay    

Tanzania: Azam TV    

Togo: TVT    

Turkey: TV8, S Sport    

United Kingdom: Sky Sports    

United States: beIN Sports    

Zambia: Diamond TV

Zimbabwe: ZBC


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