Fantasy Premier League: The crucial final stretch of the season begins

Are you well prepared for the end of the season?
Are you well prepared for the end of the season?Flashscore
How's the mood ahead of the crucial final stretch of the season? Until the Premier League champions are crowned, nothing will bother us, with no more international breaks for the rest of the campaign. Therefore, you have to plan your actions meticulously.

Just as the last part of the season is the most important for Premier League teams, it's also the key period for Fantasy Premier League players. You need to think carefully about your moves, including the use of any Wildcard or other available chips. The aim for every player now should be to crank out the best possible results and break through to the top of the standings to finish the season as high as possible and boast about it to their beaten mates throughout the summer.

Plan for the rest of the season

Few serious players (and I take you to be one) are focusing ahead of this round only on this weekend's matches.

After the recent break for international matches, a fairly clear picture is emerging for us. We know who is injured and who will be playing, as well as which teams have more games on the schedule. On top of that, we have to take into account the use of chips and the double-gameweeks that are still to come. 

Of course, it could be that you have used up all the extras and don't even have a Wildcard available. If this is the case, there is no need to focus so much on complicated tactics, just make it to the end of the season with your lineup. But what if you have more options?

First of all, the 34th round, which takes place during the FA Cup semi-finals, has to be taken into consideration. Because of this, Manchester United, Chelsea and Manchester City's matches in the league have been cancelled. However, that doesn't mean these teams won't play in this round, as they will be catching up in midweek. All this means that seven teams will have a doubleheader - Arsenal, Liverpool, Bournemouth, Crystal Palace, Wolves, Everton and Sheffield United.

So it's worth keeping an eye out for players from these teams, as they will be highly sought-after commodities in just three weeks' time. Another big doubleheader will await us in week 37, although Tottenham and Chelsea could play two games each in either the 35th or 36th Gameweek too. 

What's the best approach?

If you don't have any extra options available, just try to build a team that has as many players as possible from the teams mentioned above in the 34th round.

If you have a Free Hit available, perhaps don't prepare specifically for this round and focus more on the 37th round with your current squad. In the 34th round, you will use the Free Hit and have whoever you want.

However, there is still a Wildcard in play. It is also worth considering and choosing the lineup that will pay off most in the final phase of the season.

Who to captain?

For a moment, though, let's focus on this round where there are, of course, points to be won too, but let's not expect too many of them from the Manchester City and Arsenal players. Both teams are playing against each other this round, and that means both have one of their toughest games of the season this weekend. So let's focus on the other candidates for the armband.

First up is Mohamed Salah (13.1). The Egyptian did not take part in any matches during the break, yet he had already healed his injury before it. Liverpool will be looking to get back on the winning track in the league with a match against Brighton while taking advantage of a points loss by one of their two rivals. A very safe choice.

The selection of Heung-Min Son (10.1) as captain is also a logical move. Tottenham will take on Luton at home, and the South Korean should come out for this match in the number nine position, as injury rules Richarlison out of the game. That gives a much better chance of points for Son, who will face one of the worst defences in the league.

Another idea is Cole Palmer (5.8), will play against Burnley. The Blues are arguably less guaranteed to win than Liverpool and Tottenham, which is why his candidacy has only landed him in third place, but he has as good a chance of scoring as the above players.

Who would have thought that Erling Haaland (14.3) would be fit and ready to play and his name would not be mentioned in the context of the captain's selection?

Who to buy?

Luis Diaz (7.5) - Obviously the priority among Liverpool's players at the moment is Mohamed Salah (13.1), but still, I've picked a slightly cheaper option for you from Liverpool's midfield line. You can even have them both. The Colombian has only just broken a run of five straight games in which he has scored good points, and Jurgen Klopp's team have a very pleasant schedule over the next four rounds, culminating in a doubleheader in round 34.

Dominic Solanke (7.2) - The Bournemouth striker scored in the last doubleheader, but he disappointed many of the players who made him Triple Captain as he missed a penalty in the match against Sheffield United. However, this should not make you get rid of him. In fact, if anyone doesn't have him in their team, he is worth acquiring. The Cherries are one of the teams with the best schedule in the coming rounds, and then, like Liverpool, they play two games in the 34th round.

Rodrigo Muniz (4.6) - The Fulham striker will obviously never be the star of your squad and its most important element, but he is worth paying attention to and signing if at least someone decides to use the Wildcard. The Brazilian has actually been a revelation this season, and in his last game, he scored a brace against a very strong Tottenham. He has entered the Premier League with momentum, and Fulham are playing some relatively easy games at the end of the season. It is worth arming yourself with Muniz, who is owned by less than 6% of players.

Radim Horak (one of the best Czechs playing in the Fantasy Premier League)

Mohamed Salah (13.1) - The Premier League schedule for the coming weeks was announced during the break and, as a result, Liverpool will play two games in the 34th round. In addition, The Reds will have played as many as three home games against lower-ranked opponents - Brighton, Sheffield United and Crystal Palace - by then. Certainly, there will already be a place for Salah in Jurgen Klopp's squad, and that makes him the favourite for the captain's armband this term. In addition, he is not currently held by as many players, so his points could make a surprising difference.

Djordje Petrovic (4.5) - I am directing this goalkeeper selection mainly at players who use the Wildcard. Chelsea will play 11 more games until the end of the league season, which is the most of any team. In addition, The Blues will have as many as two doubleheaders in the last four. The Londoners enter the final part of the season with a home game against Burnley, and that makes Chelsea's players an option for us right now. Although The Blues' defence is not monolithic, Petrovic scores well regularly if only for his saves, and with another injury to Roberto Sanchez, he is a certainty to play between the posts.

Alexander Isak (7.5) - Rather unsurprisingly, the Swede played two full games of 90 minutes during the international break, which probably didn't satisfy Eddie Howe. Indeed, Isak - with Callum Wilson (7.8) injured - is the only typical striker in the squad, and he healed his last injury less than a month ago. Newcastle have one of the easiest schedules for the rest of the season, and they still have a game against Manchester United to make it a doubleheader for the Magpies. Isak is therefore a solid option for the rest of the season.


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